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Dear colleagues, dear friends,

this is the ROAH-homepage, an online-site representing a loose network of medical personal involved with anesthesia for eye-operations. It is based in Switzerland but hopes to attract attentions and active participation from people all over the world. The practice of ophthalmic anesthesia differs widely in the various regions on this planet and in some parts anesthetists actively involved in accompanying patients through eye procedures have little professional contact with colleagues. Thus we propose this tool to exchange experiences, discuss, highlight important literature or provide short movie-footage of procedures that you consider worthwhile sharing. It is also a tool to find those ophthalmo-anesthetist “…scattered among all peoples…” to start having contact and immediate exchange of ideas with each other.

Please abide to the following rules while doing so:

  1. Please participate in a respectful manner, we will immediately delete foul language, insult etc!
  2. Respect the patients you are representing: if for example you share a movie, have your patients consent and only show his/her eye while performing regional anesthesia, demonstrating reactions of the eye etc. Under no circumstances must the patient be identifiable!
  3. Let us know, who you are. We’re exchanginge scientific thought, practical aspects of our work: many of the ideas may not already be based on great data-bases, statistical analyzes and peer-reviewed publishing. But stand with your name for what you let us know!
  4. Keep this a fun place: please use your intelligence and humour to keep all participants intellectually engaged. Laughter is certainly not the worst of all roads to reach other peoples brains.
  5. Some short advice on technical matters: you need to register, demand a password and be acknowledged as an author/contributor to add posts to this site. The site will ask you to prove you being a human user (“Ich bin kein Roboter/ I am no robot”), hence will ask you to perform picture-recognition tasks.
  6. In case you encounter technical problems don’t lose heart and don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

So, after this short sermon, let’s start the discussion, the forum is all yours to enjoy!

Best greetings from Switzerland, Friedrich Lersch

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