What hallucination reveals about our minds


Do you ever wonder, what goes on in the head of your patients while you give them anesthesia? Maybe you should, because with operated individuals getting ever older, we’re just at the start of seeing more and more post-operative delirium/ post-operative cortical dysfunction. Add to this, that patients see phopsenes and a great manifold of brightly coloured geometric forms of all kinds and a certain penchant of the octogenarian brain to go “off the ploughed track” ( that’s what delirium means),then it dawns on you that even as minute a procedure as a phako can propell the charming elderly lady on the OP-stryker into a writhing delirious state. It seems that a drastically reduced vision is especially prone to incite delirium. Do you know wether your patients already suffer from Charles-Bonnet-Syndrome? Think about it and enjoy Oliver Sacks of blessed memory, z”t”l”!!

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