What’s your take on antisepsis/sterility doing ophthalmic regional anaesthesia?

No matter wich block you use, when watching photos or small movies during OA-meetings, it’s not rare to see people perform their blocks bare-handed with little antiseptic precautions. Although it can be argued that the tear-film has some anti-bacterial effect, I think being on the safe side is not a bad attitude. After all a possible consequence of sloppy anti-sepsis is endophthalmitis- not a nice condition to be a possible cause off. We use diluted povidione-solution to sterilise cornea and conjunctiva and don sterile gloves taking our sub-Tenon tools from a regular RA-Set, like we also would use in other regional anaesthesia procedures
The enclosed pictures give an idea what we do- we’re not claiming to hold the final truth on this, but I think this take on the matter is valid.
Don’t agree-comment and discuss please!


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