15th,16th & 18th of february: Mini-symposia on Ophthalmic RA in Berne, Lausanne and Milan

Last week was a rather active one for ophthalmic regional anesthesia in Switzerland. After the mini-symposium I had prepared for a long time with the able help of Peggy Shala, some of the faculty went on to Lausanne, where Dr. Yves Perron had aptly brought a satellite symposium with workshop/ wet-lab to reality and to Milan, where Prof. Paolo Nucci and Doctor Matteo Scaramuzzi were kind to invite Dr. Jaichandran, Mr Nimal Kumar and myself to teach our perspective of ophthalmic RA in lectures and workshos to a very lively and interested crowd! Thanks to all engaged in the effort, particularly to Dr. Keith Allman and Dr. Roland Ling from Exeter, Prof. Orna Geyer from Haifa, Israel and Drs. Lucie Beylacq and Elodie Baer from Bordeaux, France. It was a great pleasure to work with you all!
PS: Hopefully we will soon be able to post the videos of the lectures, for you to view on ROAH!

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