Reflect on consciousness, oh anaesthesiologist, before you snuff it out-even temporarily

Consciousness Tononi Koch

The review article “Consciousness: here, there and everywhere” by Tononi and Koch is an excellent introduction into one current over-arching theory of conciousness that’s out there. There are other interesting theories like the “global work-space theory” by stanislas Dehaene. Tononi’s theory has an elegant out-set inversing the “hard-problem of neurosciences” (Chalmers). Instead of chewing through the question of how something as subtle and ineffable as consciousness with all it’s highly subjective qualia can arise from the physical matter of our neurons and brains for the umpteenth time it commences by axiomatically stating what the fundamentals of consciousness are and then thinks about possible associated physical causes for theses states. The article also muses about the limits of who has or has not consciousness: animals, sleep-walkers, pre-term babies etc.
I read it while currently going slowly through György Buzsakis ” Rhythms of the brain” and that made for quite a good mix.

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