OFISACON 2017 LV Prasad institute, Hyderabad: city of the Nizam


It was a great joy to be participating in this years OFISACON at LV Prasad institute in HYderabad, Telangana, India. The institute, a world-class institution in it’s own right, gave all deleguates a very warm welcome. The congress was organized by Dr Renuka Sridevi Mudambi, a very capable and considerate organizer who held watch over every need of the faculty. Presentations and the discussion of all the participants were very interesting and reflecting of the current trends and interests in this small-world community. Dr Tom Eke and myself had the privilege to visit the operation tract of LC Prasad’s one day before the official congress’s commencement and were overwhelmed by the shear size and the high grade of effectivity. Meeting our colleagues on the anaesthesiology and the ophthalmo-surgical side was a great pleasure, we made friends with too many people to be named here!
So very much looking forward to the next OFISACON in Bangalore 2019, the warm conviviality of our Indian colleagues makes meeting with them to discuss our current practice an insurmountable pleasure every time! Let’s hope we’ll manage to collaborate scientifically in one way or the other!

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