BOAS meeting 2017-The Tower of Power

Going to London on 23rd and 24th of November this year was a special pleasure in many regards. Not only was I sure to meet many of my friends from BOAS but also to bring along a handful of dear colleagues from Bern, Lausanne and Fribourg-included one of our VR-surgeons and our two anaesthesia head nurses !! The Moorefield’s eye hospital had gone out of their way to organize an outstanding event with the most iconic venue, an impressive scientific faculty, great, instructive workshops and a wonderful dinner and party cruise on the Thames in the evening. Matt Allen and Andy Presland really did an incredible job along with their team. Two special things deserve special mentioning. First, it was a great joy that two of our French colleagues from Paris and Bordeaux managed to come to participate and discuss the further fate of the European society of ophthalmic anaethesia that takes more and more shape. Second I am very happy for Pascal Jerney and Katharina Steck from Inselspital Bern to have received the poster prize for our work on “Opioid-sparing combined anaesthesia in elderly ophthalmic surgical patients”.
It was great to have been part of this wonderful exchange of experience and it seems hard to have to be waiting for another year of this spirit of conviviality!

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