Minimal trauma Sub-tenon block (by Jon Clarke)

If you liked the minimal incision Sub-tenon block video on this site, try a minimal trauma Sub-tenon block using a conjunctival probe (Blink medical) and again the triport Eagle cannula. With the probe, a splitting and stretching of the tissue causes minimal trauma.

I am finding it an easier technique training less experienced colleagues. The skills of using the probe fit well with basic anaesthetic skills in contrast to the somewhat alien scissors.

My unsedated patients find the procedure painless and well tolerated.

The overall objective with my eye blocks is to place them without the patient appreciating this fact, rather they feel some sort of topical procedure has occurred. In this respect, this block is painless, if performed without an eye speculum ( key point) and advancement of the cannula coincides with the patient closing their eye. Sedation is also avoided by using verbal distraction. In this video, I retract the eyelid myself, but please start by using an assistant.

The only issue I have is that, the hole made by the probe is so small that care has to be taken not to lose track of its location.

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