ESOA Engelberg 2019, Conference-videos

Dear Friends, for all interested, I start Posting the filmed presentations via our Vimeo-account. So if you just couldn’t make it or you were there but badly needed to go skiing- most of the presentations are here for you to peruse, watch and learn from. Passwords are ESOAEngelberg2020 for Tom Eke’s presentation and ESOAEngelberg2019 for all others.

Just follow the links,Cheers from Friedrich

Tom Eke, ophthalmologist, Norwich, UK:

Ophthalmic regional anaesthesia: How did we get here and where are we going?

Simon Pot, veterinary ophthalmologist, Zürich, Switzerland :

Animal models for ophthalmic regionala anesthesia

Jan Mulier, anaesthesiologist, Brugge, Belgium:

Opioid-free anaesthesia

Howard Palte,anaesthesiologist, Bascom Medical, Miami, USA

Anaesthesia for ophthalmic trauma

Keynote lecture: Anna Wirz-Justice, Centre of Chronomedicine, Basel Switzerland
How chronobiology has repercussions on ophthalmology and anaesthesia

Ann Schalenbourg, ophthalmologist & André Vial anaesthesiologist, Hopital Jules-Gonin, Lausanne, Switzerland
Anaesthesia for ocular oncology surgery

Andy Presland, anaesthesiologist, Moorefield’s Eye Hospital, London

Relaxing the patient

Suman Shree, anaesthesiologist, Nethradama Eye Hospital,Bangalore, India
Dexmedethomidine – sedation in the guise of sleep

Heiko Kaiser, anaesthesiologist, Bern, Switzerland

The EEG in monitoring cortical activity during GA

Sebastian Wolf, ophthalmologist, Berne, Switzerland

Why combining GA and ophthalmic RA might not be such good idea

Miranda Buckle, ophthalmologist, Oxford, UK

Sub-Tenon’s in the treatment of retinopathy of immature newborns

Marco Enderlin, Anaesthetist, Berne, Switzerland

Nasal dexmedethomidine as sedative in infants and children

Jon Clarke, anaesthesiologist, Adelaide, Australia

Retinal-artery-occlusion as risk of locoregional anaesthesia

Nicolas Milliet, anaesthesiologist, Hopital Jules-Gonin, Lausanne, Switzerland

Pro-Con-debate on iv-access in infants and children

Junia Rahman, anaesthesiologist, Moorefield’s Eye hospital, London

Pro-Con-debate on iv-access in infants and children

Friedrich Lersch, anaesthesiologist, Berne, Switzerland

Why combining local blocks with GA may be a good idea

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