Scientific programme for the ESOA meeting, 5th & 6th of December 2019, Engelberg, Switzerland

Inaugural European Society of Ophthalmic Anaesthesia (ESOA) Symposium: The Craft, The Art, The Science, Engelberg, Switzerland, December 5th & 6th, 2019

Thursday, 5th of December

08.00Coffee, arrival, last minute inscription
08.15Welcome address Friedrich Lersch & Keith Allman
Basics of locoregional anaesthesia.
08.30Tom Eke, Norwich, UK
Ophthalmic Regional Anaesthesia, Where do we come from & how did we get here?
08.45Simon Pot, Zurich, Switzerland
Anatomy of ophthalmic regional blocks in humans, animals & teaching models
09.00Nimal Kumar, Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai, India
Technical models to train ORA-clinicians: where are we?
09.15Bernhard Schaller, Basel, Switzerland
The trigemino-cardiac reflex: Acquainting yourselves with the phantom of the OT
09.45 – 10.15Coffee and tea break, Poster sessions
Ophthalmic anaesthesia for the 21st century.
10.15 – 10.45Keynote lecture: Jan Mulier, Bruges, Belgium
Opioid-free anaesthesia
11.00 – 12.00Ann Schalenbourg & André Vial, Lausanne, Switzerland
Anaesthesia for ocular oncology surgery
12.00 – 13.30Lunch break
Bringing the brain to centre stage in Anaesthesia.
13.30Suman Shree, Bangalore, India
Dexmedethomidine – sedation in the guise of sleep
13.45Heiko Kaiser, Berne, Switzerland
The EEG in monitoring cortical activity during GA
14.15Friedrich Lersch, Berne, Switzerland
Why combining local blocks with GA may be a good idea
14.30Sebastian Wolf, Berne, Switzerland
Why combining local blocks with GA may not be such a great idea for the eye
15.00 – 15.30Coffee and tea break, Poster sessions
15.30 – 18.00Practical hands-on courses
A) Locoregional blocks: STB and PBB on animal model-eyes
B) Block training on technical models
C) In-depth course on perioperative EEG beyond index numbers
D) Lateral canthotomy on animal model split-heads
E) Ophthalmic ultrasound

Friday, 6th of December

Ophthalmic Anaesthesia in pediatric patients.
08.30 – 08.45Marco Enderlin, Berne, Switzerland
Dexmedetomidine sedation in pediatric patients
08.45 – 09.00Miranda Buckle, Oxford, UK
Sub-Tenon Anaesthesia in immature newborn babies
09.15 – 09.45Junia Rahman, Moorfields London, UK & Nicolas Milliet, Lausanne, Switzerland
Pro-Con-Debate on iv-access in infants and children
09.45 – 10.30Coffee and tea break, Poster sessions
Anaesthesia for retinal surgery.
10.30 – 10.50Martin Zinkernagel, Berne, Switzerland
Ocular trauma
10.55 – 11.20Howard Palte, Bascom Medical, Miami, USA
Anaesthesia for ocular trauma surgery
11.25 – 11.45Jon Clarke, Adelaide, Australia
Retinal-artery-occlusion as risk of locoregional anaesthesia
11.45Keynote lecture: Anna Wirz-Justice, Centre of Chronomedicine, Basel Switzerland
How chronobiology has repercussions on ophthalmology and anaesthesia
Anaesthesia for ocular oncology surgery
12.15 – 13.00Panel Discussion: Teaching a new generation of clinicians OA
VV Jaichandran, Chennai, India
Rik Paelinck, Oogziekehuis, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Howard Palte, Miami, USA
Lucie Beylacq, Bordeaux, France
Andy Presland, Moorfields, London
13.00 – 13.15BOAS GA
13.00 – 14.00Lunch break, Poster sessions
14.00 – 14.25Christoph Tappeiner, Inselspital, Bern
Why I still prefer my patients „knocked-out“ for perforating keratoplastic
VV Jaichandran, Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai, India
When eye surgery takes much longer: GA for odonto-keratoplastics
14.30 – 15.15Anaesthesia in oculoplastics
15.20 – 15.45Coffee and tea break
15.50Poster nomination
16.00 – 17.30Difficult cases: Short communication session (Main Room)
Practical workshops: Ophthalmic ultrasound, locoregional anaesthesia
Improving practical skills: Short presentations
17.30End of symposium

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