Using THRIVE-oxygenator for short painful ophthalmic interventions

img_5745I had long taken interest in using the THRIVE after I heard a complicated case be presented at the BOAS meeting in London at the Magic circle in November 2015. When some colleagues of mine went to visit Dr. Patel in Ear-Nose-Throat-hospital I was planned to be of the party but found out at the airport had expired for a week before. Another story altogether.
img_5732But Dr. Patel gave a lecture at our hospital wich rekindled my desire to put this geniously simple contraption to use. And I did for some more complicated cases for painful cryotherapy or cyclophoto-therapy. As long as the patient’s airway is open you upregulate the flow of the humidified oxygen, until the sedated patient stops breathing. When the painful-sensation is stopped, slowly reduce the flow and wait for the patient to take over spontaneous respiration again.
Easy, eh?


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